Camel milk: the tastiest alternative to cow's milk!
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Fresh and frozen camel milk

In this category you can find our camel milk.
We sell two types of camel milk: raw fresh and raw frozen camel milk. If you need the camel milk powder, go to Camel Milk Products

Frozen camel milk arrives frozen and needs to be put in the freezer as soon as possible.
Let the milk thaw in the refrigerator overnight and in the morning you will have fresh camel milk. Shake well before consumption.

Fresh camel milk is send fresh and has never been frozen before.
Therefor it is very important that the milk is put in the refrigerator or freezer directly after arrival.

For the shipment of fresh or frozen camel milk within the Netherlands, we advise you to choose our standard shipping method Miedema refrigerated transport.
DHL Express is the standard shipping method for sending fresh or frozen camel milk outside the Netherlands.

If you opt for DPD, it is at your own risk if the camel milk no longer arrives fully refrigerated.

Shipping information:
The fresh and frozen camel milk are shipped in an isolation box with ice-packs.
We only ship the fresh/frozen camel milk on Monday en Wednesday.

On Wednesday, we do not ship fresh or frozen camel milk to other countries as The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.

The camel milk is usually delivered within 48 hours. 
You receive an e-mail with the tracking code, to trace the parcel and see on which date and time the delivery will take place.

Please note that someone must be present at the day of delivery! Or choose an address where someone is present at that day.

Important: Make sure someone is at the delivery address at the day of delivery.
It is very important that the milk is put in the refrigerator or freezer, directly after delivery.