Camel milk: the tastiest alternative to cow's milk!
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  • Dutch Oasis NIEUW! Subscription 1x per 2 weeks: 14 bottles fresh, raw camel milk

NIEUW! Subscription 1x per 2 weeks: 14 bottles fresh, raw camel milk

Article number: NIEUW! Abonnement 1x per 2 weken: 14 flessen
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Every two weeks fresh camel milk automatically delivered at home? It is possible!
From only €62,50 excluding shipping costs*, you will receive 14 bottles of camel milk.

Every two weeks fresh camel milk automatically delivered at home? It is possible!

Camel dairy Smits offers the possibility to have 14 bottles (of 0.5 liter) of camel milk sent to your home every two weeks. With a camel milk subscription you will automatically receive your camel milk at home every 14 days.


Your advantage:

  • Always fresh camel milk at home
  • More than 20% discount on camel milk!
  • Fresh camel milk delivered to your home every two weeks
  • No need to place an order
  • Can be canceled at any time*
  • Shipping on Monday (delivery in principle the next day)

Payment will be made via the bank via a direct debit. When ordering we will contact you about this. When ordering, we will therefore first contact you before the subscription is sent. You can also send an email to: [email protected]


* The minimum duration of the subscription is 4 shipments (8 weeks). After that it can be canceled at any time.

** For shipping to Belgium there is an additional €5,- shipping charge. For Germany this concerns €9,- extra shipping costs. For other countries, the shipping costs are as applied in the order.



Our camel milk

The camel milk comes from the one-humped camels (dromedary camels). The quality of the milk is carefully monitored according to the Hygiene Package for dairy farms.

After the camels have been milked, the milk is directly put in bottles of 0.5 liters. You can keep the fresh camel milk for 4 days in the refrigerator. If you want to keep the camel milk for a longer time, please freeze it directly after delivery. The frozen milk has a shelf life for 1 year in the freezer. As soon as it thaws, it has a shelf life of 3 days, if it is stored in the refrigerator. The milk can best be thawed in the refrigerator and can not be re-frozen again.

Alternative for cow milk
Some people do not drink cow’s milk. Camel milk could be a good alternative for these people. The taste of Camel milk is similar to that of cow’s milk. Camel milk is 100% cow’s milk protein-free. And contains only camel milk proteins. These proteins contribute to the growth of muscle mass and maintaining muscle mass and bone. Camel milk is a source of calcium this contributes to a normal blood clotting.

Composition Camel milk

Protein  3,4%
Fat 4,2%
Unsaturated fatty acids 1,8%
Lactose  4,3%
Minerals 0,9%
Energy 53 kcal/100g (222KJ) 

The numbers below are percentages per 100ml of milk

Minerals   Vitamins  
Na (mg%)  36 Thiamine (mg%)  0,03
K (mg%)  60 Riboflavine (mg%)  0,04
Ca (mg%) 97 B6 (mg%) 0,05
Mg (mg%) 16 B12 (mg%)   0,0002
Zn (mg%)  3,4 B3 (mg%)  0,046
Fe (mg%)  0,04 B5 (mg%) 0,09
Cu (mg%) 0,02 Vitamine E (mg%) 0,027
Mn (mg%) 0,02 Vitamine C (mg%) 3,6
P (mg%) 58 Vitamine A (I.U) 129,1
Cl (mg%) 0,16  Vitamine D (I.U) 0,8
Caroteen (mg%) 0,029    

Camel milk doesn’t contain beta-lactoglobulin.

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