10 bottles of 250 ml frozen raw camel milk (€4,45/bottle)

Because our camel milk is raw and unprocessed, all its healthy properties are preserved. We are the only company in Europe to sell unpasteurised camel milk. After milking the camels, the milk is cooled immediately.
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Unpasteurised: frozen, raw, unprocessed camel milk

We are the only company in Europe to sell unpasteurised camel milk. After milking the camels, the milk is immediately cooled and then bottled. In our raw, unprocessed camel milk, all healthy properties are retained. Although camel milk is also sold outside Europe, it is often reconstructed or synthetic. This means that the camel milk is made from camel milk powder. This process destroys the milk's natural, healthy properties. Our milk, on the other hand, remains pure and full of natural nutrients.

Shelf life

In the fridge, our camel milk will last for three days, but frozen it will stay good for up to a year. If you want to keep the milk longer, we recommend freezing it immediately after receiving it. Defrost the milk in the fridge and do not freeze it again afterwards.


Dutch camel milk tastes about the same as raw cow's milk, but some people think camel milk tastes slightly saltier. Our camels are mainly grass-fed, which largely determines the taste of the milk.


Camels are herd animals, which is why our camels are also kept in groups. Druing good weather, they enjoy grazing in the meadow, where they can eat fresh grass. Inside, they lie on a thick layer of straw. The calves also stay with us at the camel dairy. After milking (twice a day), the calves stay with their mother for one to one and a half hours.

Alternative to cow's milk

For people who do not drink cow's milk, camel milk can be a good alternative. The taste of camel milk is similar to cow's milk, but camel milk is 100% free of cow's milk proteins and contains only camel milk proteins. These proteins contribute to the growth and maintenance of muscle mass and bones. Camel milk is a source of calcium. Camel milk does not contain beta-lactoglobulin, the protein that plays a major role in the development of cow's milk allergy. According to the FAO (the World Food Organisation), camel milk is one of the healthiest animal milks.

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